Unusual Friendship between Tigers and Dogs Proves Preconceptions Wrong!

The German Shepherds – Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny – have formed an inseparable bond with big cat Suria and 4-month-old cub Sunny, born at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger.

The older tiger, Suria, has been friends with the dogs since birth and the newest addition, Sunny, seems to be following in her footsteps.

Spectacular moments of playtime were captured by Lucia Zustakova and Martin Ziman, a volunteer at the Oasis.

These playtime sessions allow the group to interact and sometimes get rowdy as they play-fight and chase each other excitedly.

The Oasis aims to rescue tigers from extinction and contribute to the genetic pool for the breeding of these critically endangered species.

Yveta Irsova, who owns the dogs and runs the Oasis, and her staff are dedicated to preventing Siberian tigers from facing the same fate as several extinct tiger species due to intense poaching and habitat loss.

The dogs and tigers are like siblings, spending most of their time together, playing all day long without hurting each other. Experience this amazing bond for yourself at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger.”